A Moment for Gary Kubiak, Just a Moment


Get Well Soon Coach

Seeing Houston Texans coach Gary Kubiak collapse on the field yesterday was unsettling, and it makes sense that was the lead story for the NFL Network. Best wishes to the coach and his family. However, the NFL AM program continued its quest to make me put a brick through my TV screen by blathering incessantly about Kubiak’s situation this morning. This program spent the full 20 minutes of its first segment covering the Houston Texans, about 3 minutes worth was about the actual game itself. The entire show is only one hour and that’s including commercial time. There were 11 football games played yesterday and NFL AM dedicated over a third of their airtime to talking about one of them and really the majority of that was not about the game at all. By contrast, Sports Center on ESPN also led with the Kubiak story with a report that lasted 3 minutes total and still contained more relevant information than the NFL Network rubberneck.

I’m not a cold and heartless person. I don’t feel that the games are more important than a man’s health; however this is a sports network. Their job is to talk about sports plain and simple. A concise statement about Coach Kubiak’s condition followed by some well-wishing would have been satisfactory and taken a couple minutes, tops. Instead the AM crew babbled on and on even though they had no information. They gleefully jumped from analyst to analyst speculating about the coach’s condition and what it might mean to the team, reiterating over and over that they had no idea what had actually happened. Had this been midweek when NFL action is at a lull it might have made a little sense – there would be nothing else to talk about anyway – But this was a Monday morning, the busiest news day for the NFL, during a week that featured 3 overtime games and a second-string quarterback scoring 7 TDs and posting a perfect QB rating for the first time in history. All this is just another indication that the producers at the NFL Network have little understanding of football and almost no connection with the game’s fan base. They keep trying to be some combination of CNN and E! They should try just being the NFL Network for a change.

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